What do you have to consider when you buy bathtubs?

The bathroom can be the same as beautiful as in the other room. The bathroom’s tiles, paint, light fixtures, and bathtubs are complementing each other to make a relaxing space. There are different types of bathtubs to fit in any type of bathroom that you have in your house. However, how do you know that it is the best bath tubs in your space? These are things for you to consider when you have to choose bathtubs and these are tips that will help you. 

Bathtub styles 

It has different styles to meet any bathroom space with style and you have to remember these two factors: space and material. When you know the space of your bathroom you will know what style is ideal. It can be an oval-shaped or a round bathtub because that is enough space that you have. The material can match the space as there are bathtubs that have a certain style like natural stone and copper. 

Freestanding bathtubs 

Freestanding bathtubs are the popular styles of bathtubs and you will know the reason. It is a type of bathtub that you can fit freely in any space and it didn’t need to connect to walls to get installed. It also gives an amazing centerpiece for your bathroom than those drop-in tubs and the prices will differ on the market. 


A regular bathtub existed in the early 1880s and it is widely known. The usual design for clawfoot has changed today to look more modern. It removed the pegged claws on the bottom and changed it to a slim and uniform look. But when you like to have a clawfoot in your bathtub you can still have it because they are still making them. It is a type of bathtub that is long and rectangular that needs allotted space compared to the other bathtubs. 

Oval bathtub 

The oval bathtub is the opposite design of the clawfoot. It is asymmetrical and round that looks like a water basin. You can see the oval bathtubs in most apartments or smaller homes where every space is expensive. The design of bathtubs has a modern look that contradicts the shaper corner and the edges in the rest of the bathroom. 

Angled tub 

The angled tub is ideal for those that like something to be different from its angled or basic design. It is a slopped higher on one side that gives you the support for your neck and back while taking a bath or relaxing. It is a type of bathtub that is flexible in size it has the same size as an oval bathtubs size or it is larger in oval or the basic freestanding bathtub styles. 

Clawfoot bathtub 

The clawfoot bathtub is the traditional bathtub style. The clawfoot is a freestanding bathtub that has four legs or claws on the bottom. It is made in the early Victorian era when it is still in demand on the market. 


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