Selecting a qualified real estate investor

Selling property is a substantial decision you approach with a proper plan and a qualified real estate professional. Selecting the wrong realtor or real estate investor may cost the seller valuable time and money. Make sure you choose a proficient investor that can close in a reasonable time frame. Learn more about a reputable family-owned company that can satisfy your real estate needs. 

If you want to sell a house in Pennsylvania, consider selling your home with knowledgeable investors. “Sell my home fast Philadelphia” is a family-owned company consisting of two brothers born and raised in Philadelphia. Growing up around the rental property process, these two individuals were destined for real estate having their mother owning a rental home and their uncle owning multiple properties. They saw how the industry works, from screening to selecting the tenant. 

The owners of “sell my home fast Philadelphia” had a unique start to their business; co-owner Ryan had met their mentor in the center city Philadelphia by city hall; the individual saw endless potential in Ryan and offered him a position acquiring property for this individual to purchase. Ryan worked with this real estate investor for a year and a half before employing Ian. Both brothers worked with their mentor for a while before the individual retired, and the brothers started their own company. 

Over the last few years, these two brothers have purchased homes throughout Pennsylvania, renovating these houses and holding the properties as rental homes. Their company mission is to go above and beyond for the individuals they conduct business with. The family-owned business provides sellers with multiple home-selling options, from the quick cash sale to the traditional way of listing the home with our licensed realtor. Every property seller has different needs, so finding a versatile investor in every aspect of real estate is essential. 

Research Your Options

When selecting a home buyer, you must conduct thorough research; the internet provides us with every resource necessary to qualify an investor by reviewing their companies’ Google reviews, checking out their “Better Business Bureau” rating, or even exploring their recent projects on their website. These two qualifying aspects can give you a general idea of the individual you may be conducting business with.

Benefits of Choosing “Sell My Home Fast Philadelphia”

There are many benefits in selecting a family-owned real estate company that aims to provide the highest cash offer in a quick time frame. Home investors close on properties fast, typically within two to three weeks after contracting the property. Real estate investors purchase homes in current condition; no repairs are required to complete the transaction. The cash sale waives the buyer’s right to inspections, so there are no walkthroughs or inspection periods. Since these individuals fund their deals, work closely with their construction crew, and purchase the properties with cash; they can provide the sellers with the highest cash offer. Receiving the most significant amount of money is appealing, especially avoiding agent commissions and closing fees, which can equal up to ten percent of the total sales price. 

  • Receive the highest cash offer.
  • Close on your property fast, usually within twenty-one days.
  • Complete no repairs; they buy houses as-is.
  • There are no walkthroughs, showings, or inspections. 
  • Avoid agent commissions, closing costs, or other fees. 
  • Family-owned company with 5-star reviews. 

Choosing the most equipped investor is essential to the overall result of your property sale. Select the individual that can satisfy your selling needs in the most reasonable time frame. Most investors do not require costly repairs, so find a straightforward individual. Not all investors are equivalent, and most can complete the transaction within three weeks, while others can waste months of your time. Find a company with outstanding reviews and proof of recent renovation projects. The average investor covers closing costs and provides a simple transaction with no fees. Use the internet to your advantage and discuss your options with a loved one before selling your house.


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