Refresh The Empty Living Room Wall & Create Something Unique

Wall decors are vital kinds of stuff for a home to create the ambience and add the classy touch and enhance the feel of the room. Wall decors are to decorate the space and fill the area in the house. Therefore, various factors determine what type of wall decors will refresh the empty living room to create a unique look. Mixing and matching the items as per the likes and tastes will accentuate the space to a different interior.

Types of Room Decors

There are different decors, and the most common ones are stated below. They are:

  • Shelves

Shelves are the most practical way to add a type of collection onto the walls. It can act as bookshelves and accommodate various other sculptures, idols or other odds from one’s favourite collectives. The different types of floating shelves are the best to fill the walls, and some of the fantastic designs from Wakefit are Macbeth, Hamlet, and Phoenix wall shelves. All are made of engineered wood, and a wall shelf is usually made of wood to create elegance because wood blends with almost any house concept and interior. Wooden wall decors bring in a natural indoor and produce a rustic idea.

  • Photographs

Photographs are used to adorn, which are the traditional way to fill the walls since time immemorial. But the only ones changed since then are the frames and style that are getting bolder in scale and choice. But instead of just putting framed pictures, it now becomes the trend to cover up the entire wall with just non-framed pictures randomly on the walls, whether by sticking or by either clipping or attaching with stringed lights. Mostly these photographs add colour and personality to the living space and other ephemera. Even simple and cohesive ones are nice to mix things up. By extending the gallery wall to the ceiling, it creates an illusion of a larger space.

  • Paintings

Painting comes in several shapes, and these reflect the taste and status of a householder. It can be modern abstract, Mughal art or even an oversized painting to fill the empty wall with the best image per one’s likes and tastes. To set the tone in one’s small space in a minimalistic way is also a way to put it right in a vibrant way. Under this same category, add bright and paint the wall in a bold colour to form an accent design to make patterns, stencilling and incorporating wallpapers to transform the living room wall design entirely. These small decorative accents create a more significant impact in a minimal space too.

  • Book Shelves

Bookshelves are another accent made with engineered wood that one can raise against the wall and amidst the walking space to serve as a partition. The different styles of bookshelves are Eliot, Wilde, Barnes, Keats, Prose corner, Plath, and Burns bookshelf. This is also again suitable for almost the house designing and has many rich choices.

  • Wall Hangings

The other different kinds of wall hangings are vintage scarves, which are pretty textiles and produce creativity in the decors. One can fill the wall with mural arts that can be either hand-painted or just significant motifs. The mirrors are another excellent choice to reflect light and create an illusion of a bigger and brighter space. An oversized mirror is also a marvellous idea to accentuate the entire look of a living room. Wired plates can also be hanged all over the place as a fine piece of decoration.

  • Plants

Plants are not an item to sit on the sill of the window. Creepers and climbers can be wall-mounted to bring about nature to the living space, and adding greenery refreshes the mind and creates an overall positive mind frame.

  • TV Units

The different television units are the Simpson, dexter, Gotham, witcher wall, and Fortnite units used to fill one side of the living room with the cabinets and their shelves and cupboards. These are the essential pieces of furniture for a living room next to the sofa that also acts as a storage space for most living room stuff.

  • Innovative kinds of stuff

The living room decor ideas that fall under the innovative kinds of stuff are oversized calendars, giant chalkboard or whiteboard, sculptures, personalized maps, baskets walls to store maximum items, and other quirky items like bike items, shiplap wall panelling, and funky items like hats on many hooks and pegboards on the living wall area.

Guidelines for Adding Wall Accents

The professional tips and tricks to decorate the wall are given below. They are:

  • Try varying the number of items on the wall to create a different look.
  • Please make use of a variety of objects of interest and experiment on all of them.
  • Be more careful about the scale and dimensions of the area of decoration.
  • Do not use too many quotes or word art pieces to fit into a single room so that space does not seem like shouting words at every angle. This creates a chaotic feel.
  • Be coherent while choosing colours, textures and wood tones of the objects that are to be added.
  • Concentrate on fixing everything at a mid-point level as this develops a consistent and balanced art ambience in the room.
  • Make way for blank wall space also so that the place does not look too crowded.
  • Always step back to scan the space as this will give the perspective of the viewer rather than the designer.

There are many ideas to decorate an empty wall as it is filled with million possibilities, even with a few changes here and there. The curation of the works of art with the inclusion of bookshelf and wallshelf online paves the way to a million ways to add zest up space’s final outlook. Online shopping of decors offers a wide variety of choices. And also, no matter what the style is, the tricks that can amp up the wall portray a person’s personality and taste. This specific thing is not restricted to any individual, and whoever the person may, there is no limitation to customise walls and surround them with adorable things.


Elijah Beau Parker: Elijah, a certified green builder, discusses sustainable building practices, energy-efficient homes, and eco-friendly construction materials.

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