How To Enjoy Your Garden During The Colder Months

When you hear ‘winter garden’, the picture that may spring to mind is that of a dry, yellow-brown lawn, and a few hardy plants, such as succulents. You may be right, but your winter garden need not resemble that. You can enjoy a beautiful green patch throughout the year; yes, even in the cooler months. Today we are going to offer some tips to transition your summer garden into a spectacular winter one.

Out with the Old

It is easier to prepare for the new season with the proverbial clean slate, so clear your flower and vegetable beds of weeds and rotting, finished plants. Most of the organic material you harvest can be composted.

Colourful Flowers

There are many different varieties of winter-flowering plants, which, if planted strategically, can result in a rainbow of colour in your garden. Popular varieties include pansies, winter honeysuckle, and snowdrops.

Protect your Garden

Tilling the soil is an important facet of preparing your beds for the next season because it stimulates the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which releases heat into the grounds. UK winters are icy to say the least. It is vital to protect your recently tilled beds and the bulbs in the soil from frost. You can do this by placing straw or wood chips across the top layer of soil. Be sure to check your flora, however, as many avid gardeners advise placing winter ‘jackets’ on vulnerable plants such as rosebushes or young trees.

Now that we’ve covered some fundamental points, let us look at ways in which you can spend time in your garden, rather than simply admiring its beauty through the window.

Multifunctional Space

Log cabins are quickly gaining popularity as additions to many UK gardens because they afford homeowners a space within their green space so that they can spend more time relaxing in it.

Some homeowners have gone a step further, converting their outbuilding into a multifunctional space, such as a reading room, or even a garden dining room. When the members of the family are not practising their pastimes in the cabin, they can simply sit inside, with the doors open, enjoying the birdsong and colourful blossoms.


During winter, even though the sunshine may not be warm, it is still inviting. Why not place a small bench, made from wood or even cement, in an area that is often lit but the sun? When you feel like it, grab a comfy cushion from inside, and take a seat; spending just a few minutes sitting outside, soaking up the rays will assuredly lift your mood.

Sharing is Caring

Share the joy of your wintergreen space with others. Why not pick a bunch of flowers from your garden and take them to a friend or a neighbour? You will feel a sense of pleasure from making their day better, and we’re certain they will be delighted at the thought, especially in times where human contact is so limited.

We know that these tips are only the tip of the iceberg, but we hope that you’re inspired to prepare your garden so that it is a happy escape from the grey winter.


Elijah Beau Parker: Elijah, a certified green builder, discusses sustainable building practices, energy-efficient homes, and eco-friendly construction materials.

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