7 Tips When Picking The Best Roof Shingle Color To Match Your Home

Without a doubt, you’d need to have a durable roofing system to protect your home and your household. But because it’s a highly visible component of your property’s exterior (about 25 to 40% to be more exact), you shouldn’t also take for granted the importance of choosing the right color for your roof shingles. When working with a Hanover roofing company, here are the seven tips you need to know to choose the best roof color that will match your home.

Look for and compile your pegs. If you want to communicate your ideas better, you must look for pegs online (or in printed materials). Because reroofing is such a big investment, you might not want to shell out money for something that doesn’t meet your preferences. Having your pegs compiled in a single “mood board” can also help when discussing things with your contractor.

Take into account the whole picture. When selecting a shingle color, think of the whole picture. What is the architectural type of your home (multi-level homes often use dark shingles)? What is the color of your siding and shutters? Achieving a well-done Hanover roofing job entails color coordination and cohesion.

See the color in real life. As mentioned, you can find inspiration on the web and in print. But to make sure it suits what you’re visualizing, you need to go the extra mile, literally speaking. Look for houses with the same roofing shingle color or visit showrooms to physically see how your prospective color looks like in real life.

Take note of the impact of natural lighting. Talk to your roofing contractor and ask for a sample of the roof shingle color you want. Take it outside at different times of the day and check how it appeals to you. Bear in mind that a shingle’s appearance or vibe may change depending on the natural lighting available outside.

Consider the climate in your area. Are you living in a neighborhood with a generally cooler climate? Experts recommend outfitting your home with dark shingles. These shingles can absorb more heat. Hence, they can help melt snow more quickly. If you’re in an area where it’s warmer, light colors for shingles can work better. They reflect heat and therefore aid in keeping your home cool and more energy efficient.

Don’t forget to incorporate your personal style. Homeowners tend to devote a lot of their time adding a personal touch to their house’s interior. You can do the same on your exterior by cleverly choosing your roof shingle color. Granted that it can complement the general color scheme of your house, choose something that will resonate with your personality.

Discuss things with a pro. As mentioned, embarking on a Hanover roofing project can be costly. If you want to maximize your every penny, don’t take selecting the right roof color lightly. Consult with a professional designer and ask about which color will suit your home best — of course, taking into account your personal preference and other important factors.

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Elijah Beau Parker: Elijah, a certified green builder, discusses sustainable building practices, energy-efficient homes, and eco-friendly construction materials.

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