10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About The Filming Locations Of Heartland

Do you love Heartland? If so, have you ever wondered where it is filmed? Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, we will reveal some secrets about the show’s filming locations. You won’t believe some of the Heartland tv show filming location. So, if you’re a fan of the show, be sure to read on.

What is Heartland? Heartland is a Canadian television show that premiered in 2007. It follows the lives of a family living on an Alberta ranch, and their everyday struggles with life, love, and work. The dramatic series has won multiple awards over the years and has become one of the most popular shows in Canada. But where is Heartland Filmed?

Here Are 10 Secrets About The Filming Locations Of Heartland That You Didn’t Know:

1. The town of Hudson, Alberta stands in as “Heartland” for the show. Visitors to the town can take a drive and find many recognizable spots from the series!

2. The exterior shots of Amy’s home were filmed at an estate called Rosebud House located near Calgary, Alberta.

3. Several scenes are shot on location at a ranch named Anderson Ranch, located near Longview, Alberta. It is one of Canada’s oldest ranches established in 1883 and serves as a perfect backdrop for many of the outdoor scenes throughout the show.

4. Many interior scenes are recorded at a studio in Calgary. And, if you’re looking for the Heartland set, it is located at 24 Haulard Road SE in Calgary.

5. Several of the outdoor scenes feature shots filmed at Fort Calgary, located in Calgary itself. This is where many of the show’s horse-riding scenes are shot.

6. Lou Fleming’s house is also located near Calgary! It is part of an estate that includes several houses, gardens and a pond.

7. The show often films on location at the Wild Rose Co-op Arena in Rockyview County, Alberta – this is where Cory and Amy have ridden horses multiple times in their competitions!

8. The exterior shots for Ty Borden’s house were filmed at a historic farmhouse located near Blackie, Alberta.

9. Some footage was shot in various locations around the Okotoks area, including a ranch located in De Winton.

10. The interior shots of the veterinary clinic were filmed at a studio located in Calgary. And that’s not all – the show has also filmed in various other towns around Alberta, including Fort Macleod and Nanton.


The Heartland show has become one of the most popular shows in Canada, giving its viewers a peek into ranch life. From Calgary to Blackie and Hudson, Alberta, there are many different filming locations used for this drama series. All of these places provide an authentic backdrop to the show and make it even more enjoyable to watch! Now that you know these 10 secrets about the filming locations of Heartland, you can look out for them next time you watch the show! Have fun!


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