Why Kent Is The Most In Demand Place For Buy To Let Investors?

Kent is best known for its beautiful countryside, the charm of its coasts and the historical streets. It is because of all these features that Kent has become a highly desirable place to live in. The demand for East Kent estate agents is all time high as more people are looking for properties. Similarly, estate agents in Canterbury are highly sought after as it is one of the most popular towns in Kent that is favoured by people who are looking for properties to buy and let.

Keeping these trends in mind, we have curated some  more reasons why Kent is the most in-demand among real estate investors:

Good connectivity

Ever since the HS1 rail service reached its completion in 2007, the uninterrupted and unrivalled network has benefitted the county immensely. With such a high-speed rail service, it only takes commuters 17 minutes from Ebbsfleet to reach St Pancras International. Similarly, the time to reach Ashford from Central London has also been significantly reduced to 37 minutes from 84 minutes.

Along with rail connectivity, Kent is also well connected via a road network that makes it super easy to reach the capital if one avails the M2, M25, or M20 towards the coast. Interestingly, the number of motorways in Kent by distance is more than any other county in the whole UK. Other major transport hubs include the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle at the Folkestone and the Port of Dover that connects Kent to the rest of the continent.

Values of properties in Kent

Kent is a part of southwest England and the house prices in this part of the UK are among the highest outside of London. According to the HM Land Registry, an average house in the southeast area will cost around £337,000.

The property market of Kent is also quite varied and mixed as there are some expensive towns in Kent along with some cheap and affordable hotspots in Kent. It remains the choice of the investor to find the perfect opportunity and bargain for a good price. Those real estate investors who are looking to invest in expensive properties can find houses costing around £4 million while cheap housing can also be found at £40,000.

Different investment and regeneration projects

Although there are a number of projects that are changing the county and some of them are worth mentioning such as Thames Estuary Production Corridor, London Resort and Newtown Works.

The Thames Estuary Production Corridor was launched by the Mayor of London in 2017 and it is set to connect and unite East London, North Kent and the South of Kent. This will lead to the creation of a world-class centre of creative and cultural production and lead to immense innovation at the global level. This project will also support job creation and push the growth of the creative economy along with the growth and development of local talents.

The Newtown Works is an upcoming developmental project in Ashford that is costing £250 million. This project will deliver avant-garde TV and film studios. This project is also set to create more than 2000 jobs and a brand new hub for the creative industry.

The London Resort is located on the Swanscombe Peninsula of North Kent. It has been envisioned to be a next-generation and futuristic entertainment resort. This project is predicted to generate £50bn of gross economic activity within the first 25 years of its construction.

Increased rental demand

As discussed earlier, the real estate market is quite a mix when it comes to Kent. just like the growing demands for buying houses are increasing, the demand for rental property has also been increasing steadily. There are all sorts of buy-to-let opportunities available at the disposal of investors who are interested to invest in the property market of Kent. The demand is arising from various sections of the population such as London commuters, students, and workers who are relocating to Kent for jobs.

Shared housing or the HMO-types of accommodations are also available in various parts of Kent which makes it an ideal opportunity for investors (big and small) to find the best properties to investors. However, investors willing to put their money in shared accommodation must check the requirements for a license with the relevant local authority before investing in such properties.

To conclude,

Kent is truly thriving in terms of investment opportunities for investors. Now is the time to grab the opportunity and make the best out of it. We hope this blog provided you with enough evidence for the same.


Elijah Beau Parker: Elijah, a certified green builder, discusses sustainable building practices, energy-efficient homes, and eco-friendly construction materials.

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