Top 10 Places You Shouldn’t Leave Your Keys

Most of us want to be able to get into our homes easily, even if something goes wrong. That “something” is usually us losing our keys somehow… Now, what’s the best way to get in despite losing our key? Keep a spare!

Spares can be made easily by Birmingham lock and key or a recommended locksmith in your general area, so you can always have a key on you when needed!

A lot of people come up with creative ways to be able to store their keys near their home, so they don’t have to rely on anyone else, and can still get back into the home if something happened to the main key, in this post, we’re going to be going over 10 places that you shouldn’t leave your keys, so just in case you’re thinking about one of these, you try an alternative instead… 

  1. In plain sight

    Believe it or not, a lot of people actually leave their keys lying in plain sight, thinking that a burglar looking for them will stay occupied looking at smarter places and miss it. That doesn’t happen, and you’ll only be giving them easy access to your keys!
  2. Under a rock near the door

    Sure, “fake rocks” were a great idea back in the day, but today, they just look like a weird, bright rock that obviously looks way out of place to be there. Skip these fake rocks altogether, or, leave them there without a key in to throw the burglar off!

  3. In a flowerpot

    Flowerpots seem like great hiding spots, but it’s very easy to tell if the soil has been moved. They’re also easy to look through and a burglar with time on their hands will find your key in there!
  4. In your wallet

    This is the worst place to put your keys because if a pickpocket steals your wallet, they’ll have access to your cards, address, and your house key, so you’re pretty much asking for them to come to your home!
  5. On top of the door

    Whether it’s just in films or just something that people have always done, hiding keys on top of a door is too common, and it won’t take the burglar over a couple of minutes to figure that one out! They can make a real mess too, so you will definitely be looking for a UPVC Repair company in Leeds.
  6. In the trash

    Even though we think that trash is gross and no one will go in there, for a burglar that really wants to get into your home, nothing is gross enough. They know how people think, so they’ll easily be able to find your keys in the trash, or under the bins, because they know you think they won’t look there!
  7. Under the mat

    This one’s just silly. Sure, leaving the key under the mat makes things super convenient, but it’s not just convenient for you, but also the burglar. By leaving the keys under the mat, you’re pretty much inviting them in!
  8. In the mailbox

    People think that the mail is something obsolete and that makes their mailbox something that’s barely being used and most people won’t even look into the mailbox at all… but do you know who will look? Someone who’d try to break into your home! Skip the obvious “he won’t look here” traps that clearly never work!
  9. In the garden

    Now that we have the flower pots, rocks, and bins out of the way, we have to discuss the fact that you shouldn’t be hiding the spare keys in your garden at all! Just keep them safe, so you can come back to them when needed!
  10. In your garage

    Finally, you shouldn’t leave your keys anywhere near your home, that includes the garage! The garage has tools, and it might be one of the first places the burglar hits, so it’s better that you keep that, and all the other things I’ve mentioned and keep your home safer together! 


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