Rugs and vases: a blissful combination

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An antique vase design carpets bring a colorful garden to indoor spaces. Simply put, a vase carpet consists of one or more vases that flow with flowers that extend throughout the design. They can be a large vase or several small vases throughout the design. They are without a doubt the most stunning and beautiful ancient Persian carpet in the world.

These carpets are very beautiful, in a wide range of rich and harmonious colors, with a wide variety of extravagantly blooming flowers, combining the overall design of the Lounge. The lozenges are usually formed by three intersecting networks of large elliptical, each made up of continuous bell trunks, each with a different angle and color to the net. 

Area and boundary design

The design usually includes the interior area – the pattern between the carpet and the border. The next is the frame on the cornice or picture on the building, emphasizing the boundaries, separating the area, and sometimes controlling the movements inherent to the interior designs. The design of the interior area and the border should be in pleasant harmony, yet distinct. This range consists of at least three elements: the main band, which varies greatly in width according to the size of the rug and the width of the design of the area, and the inner and outer guard strips, the subordinate bands on either side of the main band.

Aloe Vera patterns are equally repetitive or similar, although common on textiles, very rare on carpets; Or it could be different elements in the integrated system.


By the end of the 19th century, only natural dyes were used. Some nuts come from plants such as indigo, sumac, genista, and wood; some mollusks and insects. Much improved by dyeing in fibers rather than various chemicals such as alum. Frequent breaks down fibers with high iron-oxide content, except for dark brown to black dyes, natural dyes have proven to be excellent; they have great beauty and nuance of color and they are durable.

Materials with Techniques

Most carpets are made of sheep’s wool, which is durable, easy to dye, and easy to maintain. Camel hair wool or goat wool are rarely used. Dull, cotton strength, and soft yarn to create an attractive pile make it an ideal warp, which was previously used for whole foundations or just for warp.

Design execution

Using the latter method, a rug can be executed from a linear pattern or the design can be transferred to the first cartoon. The cartoon is a full-size paper drawing that is squared, each square representing a knot of a certain color. The weaver places it on the loom and translates the design directly onto the carpet. Cartoons are used as a master model for the reproduction of very intricate designs and for the production of multiple carpets. The very best Oriental rugs, which achieve an amazing effect through a wealth of details, are thought to be knitted from cartoons drawn by manuscript publishers.


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