Popular Pieces of Furniture You’ll See in Houses in 2022

There are few things that say home more than the furniture that lines your walls and floors. Whether it’s your family room, office or bedroom, you have certain pieces of furniture that can help you feel at home. Here are some popular pieces of furniture found in houses in 2022, such as furniture in Pwllhelli houses and across the country.

The Chrome Stool

Futuristic, sculptural, and supremely minimalist, these chrome stools are a wonderful way to add a pop of bright color and playful design to your kitchen or dining room. Pair one with a white countertop for maximum impact. For extra flair, add an accent pillow in your favorite color!

The Minimalist Couch

More and more people are starting to embrace minimalist living, and that means only owning a few pieces of furniture, including a one-seater couch. Instead of buying new furniture every time you get bored with your old ones, why not buy second hand furniture? A lot of second hand shops specialise in selling high quality furniture at lower prices—not to mention some pieces have been completely refurbished.

The Pillow Armchair

The Pillow series is a range of armchairs with an ergonomic design that offers users maximum comfort during prolonged periods of seating. With its fluffy appearance, soft cushioning and overall breathable design, users can sit comfortably while they watch their favorite shows or play games on their tablet. Second-hand furniture shops may also offer slightly damaged versions at lower prices by that time.

The Ultra Modern Storage Unit

In some parts of Asia, specifically Japan and South Korea, there is a trend emerging where every piece of furniture is a storage unit. This gives it an ultra modern look but also means you can hide everything away and keep your house clutter free. Other countries are starting to adopt these ideas too, so expect to see them in many houses around the world. 

The Standing Desk Workstation

More and more companies are allowing employees to work from home, or at least out of an office. As a result, many people are finding themselves sitting for extended periods of time. A standing desk workstation allows you to stand while working on your computer, which is better for your body and can even help you to become more productive. Start getting yours today!

The Utility Bench

Futuristic furniture shapes are trending, and seating is no exception. The utility bench is a multipurpose piece that will look great as seating or as additional storage space for items you need close at hand. Forget your keys? Searching for your sunglasses? Need an extra pair of hands when you’re putting something away? Or just want to relax on top of a soft surface instead of sitting on an uncomfortable stool or couch? A utility bench provides all these benefits and more.

The Hanging Basket Shelf

The process of removing wall-mounted furniture from your living room, bedroom, and bathroom will make way for a new form of wall decor: hanging baskets. Instead of storing blankets and linens in cabinets or drawers, you’ll be able to store them on baskets that hang on hooks attached to your walls. These basket shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but we predict that it will look something like a wicker basket with metal poles coming out from each side. Perfect for bedroom furniture, and living room furniture.

The Pushback Chair

Using its backrest as a place to push against, you can activate recline features on a couch or recliner. A pushback chair will also usually have some kind of seating for at least one other person. As if that wasn’t enough, its frame is so lightweight that it’s easier to move than your own living room furniture.

The Curved Corner TV Stand

In 2022, TV stands will be rounded, to blend with increasingly curved walls. As curved TVs become ubiquitous, so too will furniture that compliments their stylish shape. Sleek and sculptural, these pieces will bring a breath of fresh air to your living room.

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