Different Types of Wardrobe

A wardrobe plays an important role in organizing your clothing essentials and protecting them from damage. It is one of the most used parts of the bedroom. It is one of the most used furniture in the entire house after your bed. While buying the wardrobes people always favor to use the corners of the room so that they save more space in their room. There are plenty of options when it comes to wardrobes. The following are the main types.

Free-Standing Wardrobes

It is the traditional free-standing wardrobe. The main thing about this wardrobe is its popularity. Unlike other types of wardrobes, a free-standing wardrobe can be moved around a room or house. There are different sizes but even the largest can often be a little short of space. Many free-standing wardrobes come in plenty of metal, glass, and plastic options.

Fitted Sliding Door Wardrobes

These wardrobes are often considered old fashioned but this isn’t the case. Old sliding wardrobes are modern and sophisticated options on the market right now. The major benefit of fitted wardrobes is the extra place. As they are usually floor to ceiling and added storage can be fitted above your hanging space.

A broad range of finishes is available to make sure you find doors to match the furnishings of your room. These wardrobes aren’t cheap or easy to replace like standing wardrobes. The cost and difficulty of installation is the major factor to put most people off.

However, a clean and modern finish shows it and the cost do not have to break the bank.

Walk-In Wardrobes

These are the ultimate luxury when it comes to clothes storage and is quite rare. People who are into fashion and collect a great amount of clothing over time, walk-in wardrobes can be the perfect solution. A walk-in wardrobe would have hanging and storage space on every side along with a chair to one side or a bench in the middle. These wardrobes are very versatile and can in most cases be designed to the perfect spec by any given user.

A walk-in wardrobe could be added to a bedroom with a separation of sliding doors. Also, a room could be converted too. This is a good option if you have an unused box room like the only costs involved are of shelving and hanging space.

Wall Mounted

As compared to traditional wardrobes, they use less space. They are wall-mounted and create an elegant look to a room. Wall-mounted or built-in wardrobes can be massive and undersized.

Sliding Door

Sliding door wardrobes are great space savers. The doors don’t need an extra room to open up. These wardrobes support storage space because they are usually built from floor to ceiling. This construction technique provides aid to use the space above the cloth area. It can store seasonal material like blankets, boxed boots, and more.


Usually made of wood, armoires are free standing wardrobes with a vintage feel. This wardrobe has built-in storage options like drawers, rods, and shelves.

Corner Wardrobes

A corner wardrobe connects two other wardrobes. Because of the added space in a corner wardrobe, corner wardrobes have a walk-in space. It is the best way to use the triangular space and squeezes a bit more storage into your room.

Mirror Wardrobes

Mirrored wardrobes are a good consideration that enhances the visual appeal and can elevate the common room into a dream bedroom. It brightens up the room by reflecting light, creating an illusion of space, and making used for small spaced rooms.

Custom wardrobes are the ultimate luxury when it comes to storage. They come with adjustable shelving, contemporary styles, and different finishing.

Hinged Wardrobes

Hinged wardrobes are the most admired wardrobe style. It boasts an easy design and opens with a hinged door. It’s available in both handle and handle-less design. They are the most broad-ranged.

However, this wardrobe is only recommended if you have enough space in your bedroom as its doors need space to open out. With a variety of colors and textures, you can easily find the perfect choice to go with the interior decoration of your bedroom.


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