A Healthier Lifestyle With Natural Treatments and Great Cooking Tips!

Individuals from around the world have found the good thing about “Tips in Cooking” and “Natural Treatments”. Discussing these secrets, coupled with a couple of simple hints and methods will certainly make our existence simpler having a healthy touch to existence.

Remove Eggplant bitterness

Slice and sprinkle with salt – leave 30 min. Rinse slices in cold water. Pat dry and fry.

Eggs – Could they be fresh?

Fill normal size bowl with cold water, add 4 teaspoon salt. Place egg in salted water. When the egg sinks, it’s fresh!

How you can eliminate Silverfish

Throw some fresh cloves around on the ground and cupboards. They’ll disappear!!

Skin a Tomato – Score a mix slightly into skin all the way through Place into boiling water for just two min. Awesome and peel.

Once uncovered to air, apples/bananas/avocados will brown

To keep their beautiful fresh colour, squeeze fresh lemon juice over fruit.

Sensational Hazelnut Mousse – Quick & Easy

Beat and whip 300ml thickened cream and fold in 1 large jar of Nutella. Refrigerate until set.

Binding Agent

Rather of utilizing breadcrumbs for rissoles, use 1-2 handfuls of uncrushed grain bubbles rather. Perfect result!


Look for fresh local produce for example cauliflower and broccoli. Neat and portion. Put into freezer bags and freeze.

Whiten Grain

During boiling process, give a couple of drops of fresh lemon juice. This can whiten the grain.

To get rid of strong odour on hands after cooking with onions or garlic clove

Wet hands and sprinkle with sodium bicarbonate. Rub into hands and rinse.


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